POS Solution
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POS Solution

mPlus POS Solution

  • Sales operations maintenance for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Assistance for multiple business types:
    • Grocery
    • Cafés, bars, and restaurants
    • Clothing
  • Different forms of payment support
  • Maintenance of various functional roles

POS Front-end Functions

  • Accept insert, Swipe, and Contactless transactions from traditional cards
  • Accept mobile wallet payments via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay from smart phones and devices
  • Return/Refund processing
  • Age/ID verification
  • Employee shift management
  • Authentication
  • Discount, tip integration

Admin Functions

  • Company and Store management
  • Department/user profiles
  • Inventory and price management
  • Tax information
  • Remote device management
  • Transaction/receipt history and sales reporting
  • Loyalty program and promotions